This Year Has Been The Year Of Hope For FGTJ

Have You ever lost hope that real change is possible?
Have you ever failed so many times that you have given up on trying?
Have you ever found yourself in circumstances in which another round of failure is the only thing others expect from you?

Recurring failure, in the same way, can extinguish even the last flicker of hope in a person’s soul. 

In our April newsletter, we reported that From Gangs to Jobs had received the green light from the Maricopa County Sheriff Office to begin our Reentry Program. Their hope in our partnership is to reduce recidivism while ours is to have the opportunity to influence men at a critical time in their life. We ignite hope, transforming their life direction with real holistic help. 

We are excited to report the following progress:

  • The first set of eight-week classes have been completed at the Phoenix Durango Jail.
    • 12 individuals enrolled in the program
    • 6 completed the 1st phase of the program
    • Of the six who finished the 1st phase; 5 are awaiting release from custody while 1 was released
  • Each week almost all the participants voluntarily participated in a 2-hour Bible study in jail.
  • A second class in Durango Jail began
    • 14 are enrolled in the class
    • 4 are individuals who were in the first class but unable to finish


Durango Jail


The Inspiration of hope is instilled by the participants through Nativadad’s teachings:


Can you see the tangible expressions of hope in his teaching points. 

  • Change does not start on release date bur rather TODAY!
  • You are most hopeful now, but without a plan, that hope will diminish.
  • Develop a road-map, and this can be your last time coming through the system.
  • There are plenty of resources available upon release; use them!
  • Meet with FGTJ twice a week upon release; we are still with you.
  • Don’t identify yourself with existing prejudices of any kind. You are a man charting a new and proper course of action. Step into your responsibilities, hopes and dreams.
  • I have challenged you, now fulfill your commitments.
  • The number one factor that changed my life was a relationship with Jesus.

Will this be enough? For those who are waiting release, the hope for change will meet with difficult circumstances. We are actively working with other organizations to assist with the 60-day post-release stage, connecting resources in housing, transportation, medical coverage, and employment.

Is real change possible? Yes, with the help of others!

We are thankful for your help. Your sacrificial gifts of time, prayer, and financial contributions encourage us to keep going. 

With hope in my heart, 

Nativdad Mendoza

Executive Director

P.S. As Always you can set up recurring monthly donations. 


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