Some exciting news for From Gangs to Jobs as we end the year: We will be featured this Thursday, December 10th at 9 pm on Channel 3 AZ and 10 pm on CBS 5 AZ!

As it turns out, a friend of Natividad and FGTJ, Todd McFarlane, was asked to do an interview with Channel 3 in Phoenix. Todd is one of the creators of Image Comics and the owner of McFarlane Toys and has been very successful in his field. Todd agreed to do the interview and asked that the interviewer include a bit on FGTJ as well. Channel 3 agreed.

Last week, Lina from Channel 3 & 5 news came down to our Guadalupe classroom to listen in on class. Afterwards, she interviewed Natividad and a past participant in the program. Lina was impacted by what she saw and told us afterwards that the interview would air on Channel 3 AZ and 5 CBS 5 AZ!

We are so grateful for the friendship of Todd and Wanda McFarlane and their faithful commitment to furthering our mission to ignite hope among the poor and broken. We are also thankful for Lina, who was a gracious interviewer and advocate for the work that we are doing.

Tune in this Thursday to Channel 3 AZ at 9 pm and CBS 5 AZ at 10 pm and you will hear stories of redemption and hope and more about some of the amazing things happening in the town of Guadalupe.