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Maricopa County Prison Ministry

From Gangs To Jobs

We exist to ignite hope among the poor and broken, transforming their life direction.

Maricopa County Prison Ministry


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The stories that emerge out of From Gangs to Jobs are truly amazing. There are moments of life transformation that we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to capture through photos and video media.

The media section of our website is dedicated to telling the stories of those who have made the choice to leave their lives, destined for destruction, and made the effort to get educated, receive training and mentoring allowing them to have a shot at finding gainful employment.

From Gangs to Jobs has been featured in numerous news networks including Univision Arizona and Telemundo Arizona

The Hope of Real Change: From Gangs to Jobs

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Univision Arizona Special Report

Redemption Of A Gang Member - Univision Special Report Natividad Mendoza and From Gangs to Jobs was recently featured in a Special Report on Univision Arizona. Liliana Soto, a journalist at Univision, reports the work that Natividad does inside one of the Maricopa...

From Gangs to Jobs on CBS 5 AZ (video)

CBS 5 From Gangs to JobsIt's here! The CBS 5 feature on From Gangs to Jobs. Todd McFarlane, legendary artist and McFarlane Toys founder shares his experience as an employer of FGTJ students. Please share this with your friends on social media to help further our...



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Maricopa County Prison Ministry

Maricopa County Prison Ministry

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