Fresh Start Prison Ministry Reentry Program 

Igniting Hope One Life at a Time!

Fresh Start Prison Ministry Reentry Program

From Gangs To Jobs

We exist to ignite hope among the poor and broken, transforming their life direction.

Fresh Start Prison Ministry Reentry Program

Paul Harvey

Board Member

As the newest member to our board… Paul comes to From Gangs To Jobs with a long history of Government Service. 15 years US Army and 20 years in the Federal Government Sector.

Over that time, He has acquired many skills for Organization and Logistics as well as Technical Expertise.

He recognizes that ALL our talents come from God and Hopes to use these to both promote From Gangs To Jobs in a positive way as well as see Men and Woman become New as a result of being “Reborn” through Jesus.

Paul is actively involved in His local church, participates in Many Men’s Groups and has been on several missions’ trips.

He has a heart for the broken, addicted, homeless and those less fortunate as a result of God’s Grace and redemption in His own life.

He believes that… “Our brokenness is the great leveler and that we all have a God shaped whole that only Jesus can fill.  In that way we are ALL equal under God!”

Paul and his lovely wife Have 2 daughters, who have blessed them with 8 wonderful grandchildren (4 each). They love to spend as much time with them as they can, and enjoy hiking, music, games and travel together and with their family.

Fresh Start Prison Ministry Reentry Program