What are you hungry for? Change

What are you hungry for?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  The feasts are just around the corner and if you have a school age child, the battle over candy has already begun.

So, what are you hungry for?

I know turkey is at the top of my list.  And pumpkin pie too.  Oh, and don’t forget all the lovely calorie laden hot drinks that are wonderful in the winter, but unthinkable in summertime.  Yet, when you ask the students in the From Gangs to Jobs program, they will tell you something else.

They will tell you that they are hungry for change.

Change from what?

  • Broken life
  • A family that is broken 
  • From a life they no longer respect

Every day they watch, learn from, and get to know someone who was just like them, but now lives a changed life.

Natividad, Executive Director of From Gangs to Jobs…

…challenges them to think about what they are going to do differently. “If the same person that walked in, walks out then you’re already on your way back (to jail). Stinking thinking has to change.” If you continue to do the same old thing, you’re going to get the same old result.  These people are learning that they can’t wait until release to change; they have to change NOW!

Hope has been inspired and now the desire for change burns strong.  Here are some ways the students express their hunger for change:

  • It is not okay to allow their family members to financially support them.
  • Desire to work and be respected for that.
  • They desire to set a good example for their children in their changed life.
  • Willing to sit together with different races, doing their homework and attending class.
  • They continue to attend a Bible Study even after graduating from the class.

We at From Gangs to Jobs are hungry for these changes to take root. The front end of change is always easier than the end. The challenges are great.

Thank you for your continued needed support so that Natividad and others can continue this effective work.

So what are you hungry for?


What are you hungry for? Change

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